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Online Assessment

We administer an online test to assess participants’ legal knowledge and mastery. The reports are brief and to the point, and we provide constructive feedback to participants to help them better understand their caliber.
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“We provide a variety of case studies, problem-solving exercises, and interactive group work to teach students how to function as a team while also honing their leadership skills.”

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Admission Support

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Education, Training, & Testing To Become A Lawyer

We provide advanced educational instruction and assessment to students in order to develop their skills before they are licensed to practice as lawyers.

Why Choose Us

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“We are a student-centric law institute with professional mentors wherein we strive hard to make the students capable of taking in the real world.”
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As a legal institution, we specialize in informing students about all types of law offered in the system so that students can choose what interests them the most and make appropriate choices.
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With the growing number of businesses in Miami, there are also a growing number of employment disputes. Employment laws. provide legal counsel to employers and employees in these disputes. They can help with, among other things: wage and hour claims, discrimination...

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Special Education Lawyer is a lawyer who specializes in the legal requirements and matters relating to children with disabilities. Special Education Lawyer can be hard to find, especially if you are just looking for a lawyer who handles these cases occasionally. It is...

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Who is an Immigration Lawyer

Nowadays, immigration law is becoming increasingly common with each passing year. With the increase in global mobility due to advances in technology, accessibility of the internet, and other factors, more and more people are choosing to live outside of their home...

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