Defending against criminal charges can have a profound impact on your future. A seasoned criminal defense lawyer can help you navigate the legal process and protect your rights.

A reputable attorney for criminal defense matters in West Palm Beach with practical knowledge of Palm Beach County can use that familiarity to your advantage. She may already know the street names, landmarks and business entities referenced in a probable cause affidavit.

Assault & Battery

A West Palm Beach criminal defense lawyer can make sure your rights and freedom are protected if you’re charged with assault or battery. These are serious crimes that carry severe penalties if convicted, including fines and time in jail. They can also ruin a person’s reputation and lead to lost employment or damaged friendships.

Assault and battery are distinct crimes with different elements, though the two are often charged together. Assault is the threatening of harm, and battery is the actual application of harmful or offensive contact. The law varies by jurisdiction, but for example, hitting someone or throwing hot water on them could be considered battery even if no injury occurred.

A criminal defense attorney can help you avoid punishment by challenging your case, if possible. A good defense lawyer will know the local judges and prosecutors through frequent interaction. This can help him or her understand their temperaments and tendencies and see how these might influence their case strategy.


Taking someone else’s property without permission is a criminal offense. Also known as larceny, it is a serious crime punishable by fines and even jail time depending on the circumstances.

Florida statutes establish a variety of different kinds of theft crimes, from petty and grand theft to robbery. Even a misdemeanor theft conviction can damage your reputation and make it hard to find a job or rent an apartment.

It’s important that your defense attorney have a solid understanding of the local South Florida policies that impact how prosecutors approach these cases. For example, each prosecuting agency implements its own policies on standard offers and diversion programs for these types of charges. Similarly, some cities and counties have their own procedures regarding whether or not to allow certain plea bargains in these types of cases.


A criminal record can have life-altering effects. Even a minor state or federal conviction can cause difficulties in your career, employment and relationships. An experienced West Palm Beach criminal defense lawyer can work toward having the charges against you reduced or dismissed.

Whether you have been accused of uploading inappropriate images on the internet, stalking an ex or committing some other form of cybercrime, a seasoned attorney can assist you. A cybercriminal isn’t always the creepy nerd in the dark apartment shown in movies and TV, but anyone with malicious intent to hack a system and spread malware.

A local criminal lawyer knows most judges, prosecutors and other lawyers through frequent interaction. Understanding temperament, tendencies and patterns can help a lawyer decide on strategy for negotiation or trial. A local lawyer also understands prosecutors’ policies regarding standard offers and diversion programs. This can help you avoid a costly guilty plea or even prevent an arrest altogether.


A conviction for DUI — which in Florida is known as driving under the influence — can have serious and unforeseen consequences that may affect your future employment, family life and finances. An experienced West Palm Beach DUI lawyer may be able to minimize the impact of a DUI charge on your life by exploring all means of reducing or, in some cases, eliminating the charges against you.

In order to be arrested for DUI, the arresting officer must believe that you were driving a vehicle while your normal faculties are impaired by alcohol or drugs. This includes impairment of sight, hearing, coordination, judgment, comprehension and motor control. It doesn’t matter if you have a blood alcohol content (BAC) of 0.08 percent or higher, you can still be charged with DUI if the officer believes that your normal faculties were impaired by drugs or alcohol.

In many jurisdictions, repeat DUI offenders may be eligible for diversion programs that will enable them to keep their licenses by undergoing therapy and counseling sessions and attending meetings with a probation officer. An experienced West Palm Beach DUI attorney can help you determine if a DUI diversion program is right for you.

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