An immigration lawyer specializes in providing legal advice to people who have been granted “immigrant visas”. The immigrant visa is the permission for a person to enter and remain in the United States legally, according to U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS).

The attorney will also assist you with filling out all the necessary paperwork required by USCIS when submitting your petition, including proof that you can afford your own attorney fees. Suppose you are not appointed a lawyer by USCIS. In that case, attorneys at nonprofit organizations or pro bono attorneys may provide this service if they receive enough requests for help from other clients per year.

How much does an immigration Lawyer cost?

The fees for an immigration lawyer will depend on many factors, including your case’s complexity, the type of documents needed and what procedure the lawyer recommends you follow.

So if you are wondering how much is an immigration lawyer? You may be required to pay between $150 to $18,000 in attorney fees. The following are some common types of fees you will encounter when choosing an immigration attorney:

* Hourly Salary – You must pay your lawyer by the hour for their service. According to a recent survey, the average rate for this type of fee is around $150 per hour. Some lawyers may charge more than this price though, so it is best to do some research before making your final decision.

* Flat Fee – You pay a flat fee and the lawyer will cover all the expenses in handling your case. If you choose this type of fee, you should make sure that it is worth your money.

* Contingent Fee – This is a type of payment where the lawyer gets paid a percentage of whatever amount you will receive from the case. For example, let’s say your total compensation is $100,000 and you have to pay your attorney $5,000 for their services. If the lawyer’s commission is 33%, then they will get $33,000 and you will be left with $67,000.

* Hourly Contract – One of the most affordable options you can choose is a contract through which lawyer will provide you with their service as long as it is available. This option allows you to have the peace of mind knowing that you will never be in jeopardy for choosing an attorney who charges too much or does not finish your case to your satisfaction.

* Out-Of-Court Settlement – If you are unable to settle with your lawyer, then this may be the best method for you as it will only cost you money that’s already been paid to them. You will have nothing coming back at all and they will earn just their hourly wages plus expenses, but this is generally cost-effective.

Who can an immigration lawyer help?

The following are some of the common types of cases that an immigration lawyer could assist with:

* Employment-Based Immigration – This is the process through which a person may apply to have their sponsored employee get permission to work in the United States.

* Family-Based Immigration – This is the process by which a person’s relatives (spouse, fiancé, fiancée and minor children) may apply to have their loved ones join them in the United States.

* Special Immigrant Refugee Status – This is a type of application for those who do not qualify for another type of visa but have unique circumstances that merit exceptions from this rule because they cannot return to their home country.

* Asylum Applications – The most common type of asylum application is for protection from persecution based on race, religion, or political opinion.

* Deportation Cases – If you are not a U.S. citizen and have been charged for serious criminal activity and have been ordered to be deported by the court, then your attorney may help you with this procedure.

* Civil Immigration Cases – This is the process through which a person makes an application to have their civil rights restored in the United States because they were wrongly denied their naturalization or citizenship.

Where can you find more information about an immigration lawyer?

If you are looking for a good immigration lawyer, then you can check the following websites:

* – You can find a good immigration attorney by filling out the form and doing an online search.

* – This website allows easier access to information about lawyers and law firms in your region.

* American Bar Association – You can ask their experts to help you with your search for the right attorney and they will be able to recommend some excellent candidates who they think should take your type of case.

* Martindale-Hubbell – This is a great website that lets visitors leave reviews and ratings of immigration lawyers they have hired.