An immigration law firm specializes in U.S. immigration law and represents both domestic and international clients. Immigration law firms assist clients with a wide variety of matters, from employment-based immigration to family-based immigration to asylum applications. Immigration attorneys can help with all types of visas and U.S. citizenship. Below are some of the top firms to consider hiring. All have an outstanding track record. However, if you’re unsure of which firm to choose, we recommend contacting several firms and comparing their services.

A boutique New York immigration firm, Laura Devine Attorneys LLC, offers a variety of legal services. The firm’s managing partner Jennifer Stevens has decades of experience in transatlantic immigration and family law, and also offers a range of immigration services. In addition to immigration services, the firm has a strong family law practice. In addition to Jennifer Stevens, the firm also includes Murty Gollakota, who specializes in immigration law for non-US nationals. However, Anastasia Tonello recently left the firm and will not be returning.

Another firm with a top-notch immigration practice is The Immigration Law Group. The firm’s team of immigration attorneys includes Carmen Arce, a Board-Certified Immigration and Nationality Law attorney. As a member of the American Immigration Lawyers Association, Carmen Arce specializes in immigration law and is an active member of the Florida Bar. This distinction signifies that the firm specializes in tackling problematic cases and can provide the highest level of legal counsel.

The Immigration group provides global immigration solutions for clients. It has successfully represented the global headquarters of Caterpillar in the US. This firm’s attorneys handled over 30 L-1 visa applications, which enable businesses to transfer employees within the company. This client needed to hire a variety of highly skilled foreign national professionals to staff their new wind farm projects in the United States. A large-scale international workforce requires quick and expert immigration services, and the firm’s experienced team has helped Mozilla achieve this.