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We administer an online test to assess participants’ legal knowledge and mastery. The reports are brief and to the point, and we provide constructive feedback to participants to help them better understand their caliber.
“We provide a variety of case studies, problem-solving exercises, and interactive group work to teach students how to function as a team while also honing their leadership skills.”

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We provide advanced educational instruction and assessment to students in order to develop their skills before they are licensed to practice as lawyers.

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“We are a student-centric law institute with professional mentors wherein we strive hard to make the students capable of taking in the real world.”
As a legal institution, we specialize in informing students about all types of law offered in the system so that students can choose what interests them the most and make appropriate choices.
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Hiring a Criminal Appeal Lawyer

A criminal appeal lawyer is the final avenue a defendant has to attack a criminal conviction. While criminal appeals may seem like a simple process, they are actually quite complex. They require extensive research and expertise to be successful. A criminal appeals...

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What Does a Probate Lawyer Do?

A Probate Lawyer is a lawyer who specializes in handling estate administration. These attorneys can guide you through the process step by step and provide advice and guidance throughout. A Probate Lawyer can handle the distribution of assets to beneficiaries and...

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How to Hire a Naturalization Lawyer

If you have been denied the opportunity to become a naturalized citizen by the United States government, you may want to contact a Naturalization Lawyer. This type of legal representation can make the process go more smoothly. A good lawyer will help you understand...

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Hiring a Lawyer for a DWI Case

Hiring a dwi lawyer in Springfield is essential for you to get the best results. These professionals have years of experience in this field and will work tirelessly to help you win your case. A Houston dwi attorney should have experience in this area and be familiar...

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Choosing a Divorce Attorney

A divorce attorney in Anchorage, Alaska can help you get your divorce finalized without damaging your children's future. These attorneys understand that many divorce cases involve child custody and support issues. They will fight on your behalf to obtain your best...

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Estate Planning Attorney Las Vegas

An Estate Planning Attorney Las Vegas can help you establish a plan for your medical care if something were to happen to you. You can choose to appoint a trusted person to make medical decisions on your behalf through a durable power of attorney for health care. This...

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What is Family Law Court?

A family law court is a great place to settle disputes that are related to children. In most cases, the court is able to make decisions that are favorable to the children. It is also a good place to file legal documents pertaining to a custody case. The family law...

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How to Apply For IRS Tax Relief

There are many different kinds of tax relief programs that you can apply for. Some are difficult to qualify for, while others require a bit more work. However, if you've been overwhelmed by mounting debt and need a little help, there's help. The IRS has a variety of...

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What Is Business Law?

Business law is a collection of standards that govern the activities of a business. These laws protect the interests and money of the business, as well as the interests of customers. Without business law, most businesses failed to follow the rules of good behavior,...

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What Is Entertainment Law?

An entertainment lawyer has a variety of job functions and can be based in Los Angeles, New York, Nashville, or other locations. They can be in private practice or in-house counsel for entertainment companies. They can work with famous clients and draft contracts and...

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The Aggravated DUI Penalties Chart

DUI penalties range from one to five years in prison and include fines, community service, and a mandatory minimum jail sentence of 30 days. In addition, a driver must participate in alcohol and drug education courses and substance abuse programs. The minimum jail...

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The Difference Between DUI and DWI

The terms DUI and DWI are sometimes used interchangeably, but there is a significant difference between these two types of offenses. Although they carry similar penalties, the terms may mean slightly different things in different jurisdictions. Listed below are the...

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