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We administer an online test to assess participants’ legal knowledge and mastery. The reports are brief and to the point, and we provide constructive feedback to participants to help them better understand their caliber.
“We provide a variety of case studies, problem-solving exercises, and interactive group work to teach students how to function as a team while also honing their leadership skills.”

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We provide advanced educational instruction and assessment to students in order to develop their skills before they are licensed to practice as lawyers.

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“We are a student-centric law institute with professional mentors wherein we strive hard to make the students capable of taking in the real world.”
As a legal institution, we specialize in informing students about all types of law offered in the system so that students can choose what interests them the most and make appropriate choices.
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The Difference Between DUI and DWI

The terms DUI and DWI are sometimes used interchangeably, but there is a significant difference between these two types of offenses. Although they carry similar penalties, the terms may mean slightly different things in different jurisdictions. Listed below are the...

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Ski Accident Colorado

A 72-year-old man died in a recent ski accident at Eldora Mountain in Colorado. The crash occurred on an intermediate run called Windmill. The victim was unconscious and not breathing when ski patrol officers arrived, and he was pronounced dead at the scene. His...

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Securities Fraud Elements

There are many types of securities fraud. The most common is the type involving unregistered brokers and investors who manipulate the markets. Other examples of securities fraud involve those who defraud the public of their hard-earned money by offering up their...

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What is a Boutique Law Firm?

Many lawyers have heard of boutique law firms, but do they really exist? While they aren't the same as fashion boutiques, they do specialize in a specific area of law and offer their services at a lower price than larger firms. In fact, many of these law firms, such...

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Workers Compensation

While the benefits of workers compensation are numerous, the process can be complicated. There are many different rules, regulations, and specialized medical treatment required to receive the benefits. In addition, a worker's injury must have been sustained during the...

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Car Accidents and Deaths

Every year there are over 1.3 million car accidents in the United States, which is equivalent to one car accident every 6 seconds. The severity of these accidents vary, but the leading cause of death in car accidents is head injuries.   Deaths from car accidents...

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Kansas City DWI Laws

Kansas City DWI Laws DWI is a serious crime in the United States. The penalties for drunk driving vary depending on the state and the circumstances of your arrest, but they can include jail time, fines, probation, community service, license suspension or revocation,...

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How to Calculate a Wage Garnishment

A wage garnishment calculator is a tool that calculates the amount of money to be taken from an employee's paycheck as a result of a wage garnishment order. The calculation is based on the number of hours worked, hourly wages and the number of pay periods in a year....

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How to Track Your Wage Garnishment

One of the most difficult things to deal with when you are struggling financially is a wage garnishment. If you have been served with a wage garnishment order, it can be difficult to know what your legal rights and options are. However, if you contact an experienced...

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The Effects of Wage Garnishment

Wage garnishment is a legal process that allows an employer to deduct money from wages of an employee and send it to the person or entity that has a right to receive such payments. This can be done under court order, government order, or by voluntary agreement. Wage...

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What are my rights as an employee?

The right to freedom of speech is one of the most fundamental rights in a democracy. The first amendment of the United States Constitution guarantees this right, and it has been interpreted by judges to include not only verbal expression but also symbolic expression...

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The United Farm Workers of America

The United Farm Workers of America (UFW) is an American labor union which represents farmworkers in the United States. Founded by Cesar Chavez and Dolores Huerta, the UFW was originally called National Farm Workers Association. The UFW was founded in 1962 with the...

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Iron Law of Wages in the United States

The Iron Law of Wages in the United States is a theory that wages will always remain at subsistence level. This means that any increase in pay will be offset by an equal and opposite decrease in wages. The Iron Law of Wages is a theory that wages will always remain at...

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The Bankruptcy Process Explained

The Bankruptcy Process Explained The bankruptcy process is the way in which an individual or company can become insolvent and be relieved of their debts. The process usually starts with the filing of a petition to commence a bankruptcy proceeding, which is done either...

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