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We administer an online test to assess participants’ legal knowledge and mastery. The reports are brief and to the point, and we provide constructive feedback to participants to help them better understand their caliber.
“We provide a variety of case studies, problem-solving exercises, and interactive group work to teach students how to function as a team while also honing their leadership skills.”

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We provide advanced educational instruction and assessment to students in order to develop their skills before they are licensed to practice as lawyers.

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“We are a student-centric law institute with professional mentors wherein we strive hard to make the students capable of taking in the real world.”
As a legal institution, we specialize in informing students about all types of law offered in the system so that students can choose what interests them the most and make appropriate choices.
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The United Farm Workers of America

The United Farm Workers of America (UFW) is an American labor union which represents farmworkers in the United States. Founded by Cesar Chavez and Dolores Huerta, the UFW was originally called National Farm Workers Association. The UFW was founded in 1962 with the...

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Iron Law of Wages in the United States

The Iron Law of Wages in the United States is a theory that wages will always remain at subsistence level. This means that any increase in pay will be offset by an equal and opposite decrease in wages. The Iron Law of Wages is a theory that wages will always remain at...

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The Bankruptcy Process Explained

The Bankruptcy Process Explained The bankruptcy process is the way in which an individual or company can become insolvent and be relieved of their debts. The process usually starts with the filing of a petition to commence a bankruptcy proceeding, which is done either...

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Study Skills : Learn How To Study Law

Study Skills : Learn How To Study Law

Law is very vast and one might not get hold of the entire field of law. The field of law is very diverse as it contains rules related to every aspect of society. The knowledge to be acquired is cannot be summed up by anyone in a few years. The key to overcoming this...

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Family Law Experts in United States

Family law experts in the United States. Family law is a complex and often emotional area of the law that can be difficult to navigate on your own. Find a family law expert who understands your situation and can advise you how best to proceed with your case. Types of...

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The Bankruptcy Process Explained

The Bankruptcy Process Explained Bankruptcy is a process to help people get rid of their debt when they are unable to pay. It is not an easy process, but it can be done by following the steps in this blog. A person who files for bankruptcy will have to go through the...

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What Does Elder Law Cover in the USA?

Elder law is a branch of the law that deals with the legal needs of elders, which includes both their income and their assets. Elder law can cover many areas, including: -Estate planning, such as wills and trusts -Guardianship -Protection from abuse or neglect -Powers...

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Elder Care Law for Dummies

Elder care law can be a daunting task for any adult. This blog post will outline what elder care law is all about, and how you can ensure that your loved ones are taken care of in the event of an emergency. Elder Care Law for Dummies What is Elder Care Law? Elder care...

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US Immigration Issues: Education

US Immigration Issues: Education The following blog will explore the various immigration issues that affect education in the United States. These issues include how immigration affects education, and what are the major issues with immigration. The blog will also...

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