Law is very vast and one might not get hold of the entire field of law. The field of law is very diverse as it contains rules related to every aspect of society. The knowledge to be acquired is cannot be summed up by anyone in a few years.
The key to overcoming this hurdle is to study smart and selected parts and not all. The correct way of studying law is to recognise what to study and how to study. This will save time and help in securing distinction by following these tips: –

Read, Read, and Read

Complete all the reading assigned in the module. Do not take everything easy and try not to procrastinate. Do most of the reading at fixed hours and at a time when you are alert. It should be done in concentration and focus. Do not read in a place where you will be distracted. Keep your phone away and do not forget to revise whatever you read.

Prepare case briefs

Prepare case briefs

Try to take notes during classes, even if they only mention important things. Every legislation has some leading cases on the question of law and fact. There is a special hierarchy in which the cases are to be mentioned. First, identify the issue, followed by rule, application of the rule, and conclusion or verdict. Make pointers instead of making full sentences and highlight important theories and phrases with different colours for verbal memorisation.

Revision is the key to success

It is important to revise whatever was being taught in the previous class. This increases the ability to follow class instructions and relate facts development of the topic. Try to present case briefs in the class. It has been revealed by many types of research that presentations given in class where you explain a topic triggers special effects in the brain and helps in remembering things.

Attend classes regularly


Every student needs to take classes regularly. They provide material that is not discussed in the module. The professor may include questions from things that they have taught in the internal exam. Also, some universities have made it compulsory for students to take classes.

Pay attention in classes

A law student needs every guidance that he can get. Some of them waste their crucial time playing games with friends. They do not realise the vastness of the subject and how much effort does it take to catch up on everything. A law student must always pay attention in class and take notes.

It is important to learn sections with the correct chronology of case laws. It is hard to memorise all these things. There are hundreds and sections and case laws that are to be remembered. To make it easier, a student may prepare flow charts to enhance visual memory.