If you are considering a career in law and want to help people, you might be interested in learning more about becoming an immigration lawyer. Immigration lawyers provide legal advice and services for immigrants, refugees, asylum seekers, international students and other individuals living outside their country of origin. Immigration lawyers also handle naturalization cases that allow immigrants to become citizens of the United States. In order to work as an immigration lawyer, there are certain educational requirements that must be fulfilled. These include having a bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution with a major in law or foreign language or political science. The average time required for someone to complete this education is four years.

What is Immigration Law?

Immigration law is a field of legal practice that deals with the law of immigration and naturalization in the United States. It includes such topics as international migration, deportation, border control, citizenship and naturalization, visas and travel bans. A lawyer who practices in this area is called an immigration lawyer. Becoming an immigration lawyer requires a four-year undergraduate degree and then three years of law school. Some students choose to take both their undergraduate and graduate degrees in one discipline before going into law school to become an immigration lawyer. 

Education Requirements for Immigration Lawyers

Education Requirements for Immigration Lawyers The education requirements for immigration lawyers vary depending on the type of law one wants to practice. One must first take the LSAT and graduate from an accredited four-year college or university with a bachelor’s degree in any discipline. The next step is to obtain a Juries Doctorate (JD) degree from an ABA-approved law school. Once this is obtained, there are additional requirements that vary according to what area of law one intends to practice.

Why Study Immigration Law?

Why Study Immigration Law? There are many reasons why people study immigration law. A big factor in deciding to study this type of law is that it can be a very lucrative career choice. The median annual salary for an immigration lawyer is $81,000, which is higher than any other profession in the United States. Another reason to consider this field of law is because it appeals to people who have a deep passion for fairness and justice. In order to become an immigration lawyer, one must attend a four-year undergraduate degree program followed by at least three years of law school. 

How to Become an Immigration Lawyer

How to Become an Immigration Lawyer? Immigration lawyers specialize in the law of immigration. The duties of an immigration lawyer will vary depending on their experience and background, but generally, they will provide legal counsel for a client based on their immigration status. An immigration lawyer may also represent clients in court proceedings involving deportation or visa applications. To become an immigration lawyer, you will need a law degree from a recognized institution and at least three years of experience as a practicing attorney. You must also be admitted to the bar or other authorized body where you are seeking employment.